Ahoy there sailor, and welcome aboard the new look Official International be Talkin Like a Pirate Day for Down Undaaaaarrrr.

This be the ship of Ye Auld Australian Rum Riddled Rapscallions, or YAAARRR for short.

If ye be sharin our proclivity for dashing Pirate attire then this here be an open invitation to join us in causing a general public nuisance by behaving like a scallywag every yeaaarrr, This year we be meet'n on Sat'day the 21th of Septembarrr. (The Sat'day closest to ITLAP DAY - 19th September).

Also If ye be in Freemantle on the 22nd September.....

There be heaps of snaps to give ye a flavor of what we get up to in the Sharp Shooters Menu on the Port Side o this site (THATS OVER THAAARRR LANDLUBBER -->)

If your not a member of the crew, then
Sign up here for a life on the sea and we'll keep ye informed of the goings on

A Pirate code of honour forbids us from sellin yer details to the bilge rat's 'o' the net!

If ye have any questions, then drop a message in a bottle to Capt'n Eric and wait by the shore for a response.

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